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R. Manoel Florentino Machado, 1642 - Village, Imbituba - SC, 88780-000, Brazil
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There are approximately 72 registered profiles from Imbituba, Santa Catarina. Including surrounding areas of Laguna (30 Km), Tubarao (43 Km), Tapera (48 Km), Braco do Norte (49 Km), Pantano do Sul (52 Km), Lagoa (53 Km), Jaguaruna (55 Km), Anitapolis (58 Km), Ribeirao da Ilha (58 Km), Santo Amaro da Imperatriz (61 Km), Orleans (62 Km), Carianos (64 Km), Palhoca (64 Km), Rio Tavares (67 Km), Costeira do Pirajubae (67 Km), Sao Jose (68 Km), Pantanal (69 Km), Campinas (70 Km), Saco dos Limoes (70 Km), Carvoeira (70 Km), Urussanga (71 Km), Trindade (71 Km), Florianopolis (71 Km), Morro da Fumaca (71 Km), Itacorubi (72 Km), Santa Monica (72 Km), Morro da Cruz (72 Km), Corrego Grande (72 Km), Lauro Muller (75 Km), Biguacu (81 Km), there are approximately 2,181 members and growing daily. Browse Strip Santa Catarina for more nearby cities.
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